Sugar from Guatemala


The Guatemalan Sugar Industry ( is made up of 11 sugar mills affiliated in the Guatemalan Sugar Association -Asazgua-.

The Guatemalan Sugar Industry is a source of development and prosperity for the country, currently generating more than 62 thousand direct jobs and over 310 thousand indirect jobs. Sugar from Guatemala sweetens the world, reaching up to 75 countries.

Guatemala is the fourth largest exporter of sugar in the world and the third most productive (meaning that for each hectare of sugar cane grown, more tons of sugar are produced).

Guatemalan sugar is sourced from sugarcane, which is cultivated in the South Region of the country. It only occupies a 3.3% of the arable land of Guatemala. Sugarcane harvest season is carried out from November to May of each year.

The 11 Sugar mills in Guatemala are: Trinidad, Magdalena, La Sonrisa, Palo Gordo, La Union, El Pilar, Santa Ana, Madre Tierra, Santa Teresa, Pantaleón and Concepción.

The Sugar mills, through the Guatemalan Sugar Association, created three support organizations specialized in sugar exports, social development and R&D (Research & Development).

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