Chefs and cooks were trained to receive tourists

Chefs and cooks were trained to receive tourists

Chefs and cooks were trained to receive tourists

To promote the economic reactivation in the South of country, the Guatemalan Sugar Industry through Fundazucar, in alliance with the Ministry of Economy -Mineco- and the Municipality of Sipacate, department of Escuintla; gave the diploma: Gastronomic Diversification in which participated 58 chefs and cooks from 12 hotels and 25 restaurants in the municipality.

The participants concluded the first phase of the training consisted of 5 workshops in which they learned innovative cooking techniques that included safety in food handling, elaboration of gourmet dishes based on seafood and its adequate presentation to provide a more nutritional offer, attractive and innovative, both for locals and tourists.

The participants received scholarships granted by the Sugar Industry through Fundazucar and Mineco, to continue their specialization at the Technical Training and Productivity Institute – Intecap- where they will take a 20-week diploma course in Seafood Cuisine.

“These actions are part of the plan for the economic reactivation of Sipacate, which as Guatemalan Sugar Industry we are supporting through an alliance with the authorities to promote productivity and local development,” commented Luis Miguel Paiz, General Manager of Asazgua, who also indicated that similar projects are being replicated in other municipalities on the South of Guatemala.

Sipacate is a municipality with tourist potential, therefore the plan began with the professional training of chefs and cooks in the hostelry sector. Specific trainings are also planned for other groups related to tourism: fishermen, artisans, and tourist guides.


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